The following reviews have been published via The Weekly Times, Gippsland Country Life, Yarra Valley and Ranges magazine and more.  


The Book of Vermouth

THERE are two kinds of people — those who care where their wine or their beer comes from, and those who are just thirsty. 

- The Weekly Times Country Living


Four Pillars Gin 

WITH such a checkered history, the evolution of gin has stood up to a variety of cultures, botanicals and distilling techniques and has grown into a truly multicultural beverage.

- Yarra Valley and Ranges magazine


Rochester art silo feature

A BURST of colour on an otherwise arid landscape, two GrainCorp silos splashed with brightly painted murals punctuate the long drive from Echuca to Melbourne.

- The Weekly Times Country Living


The Aqueduct House 

HIDDEN up a long gravel driveway snaking its way through the native bushland of Officer is the home of local boy Nathan Russo and his wife Paris, who up on a hilltop clearing set amongst tall gum trees, have built their uniquely designed dream home, adjacent to an historic aqueduct.

- Gippsland Country Life magazine


Focus feature Ben Cordes

SOMETIMES it’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it. For Ben Cordes of Rupanyup, what he lacks in acreage, he counters with passion and innovation.

- The Weekly Times Focus


Taafe Roses

“IT'S A good way of life, actually,” David said. “We consider ourselves semi retired. We can work for six months, and then when the roses rest, so do we." 

- Gippsland Country Life magazine