getting back in the game

EVERY MAN and his dog has a blog these days. 

I get the appeal. Whatever your medium - art, writing, music, fashion or lifestyle - it's a simple, free platform to get your point across. It's great for building your business, and if you're in the arts game, it's an essential part of creating a portfolio of work and an online presence. 

I blogged on a consistent level between 2010-2015. A lot of it was dribble. I thought I was incredibly clever, and incredibly interesting. And, asides from a brief sojourn living overseas, I really wasn't. 

Another reason why I let my blog slide is that it became too much. My day job as a journalist means that every day I am writing. It is my bread and butter. So sitting down at the computer again when I get home sometimes feels too much like work. So I deleted all of my blogs and simply worked. 

Now I feel it's a good time to start writing again, but with more of a purpose. With the perilous nature of news media and content, I think it's important to talk about why we write, how to write, how to observe the world, and the various ways in which you can record it. 

So I put tentative fingers to the keyboard once more, and I am going to start blogging again. Mostly about the realities of writing for a newspaper, how to make radio, what it's like to freelance, and any other interesting stories I can't find room for on the radio or in the newspaper. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll stay with me for a while. 

- Made

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