WHO ARE the people living in Australia? How did they come to be here? And what are their lives like? What do their lives sound like? 


For the past few years, on top of working full time as a journalist, I've been regularly presenting and producing my own radio pieces for the podcast All The Best. Slowly I've been working on my skills, learning and developing as a producer and a story teller. In 2016 I produced a radio documentary about death called Born to Die for the Community Radio Network. For six months this year I was mentored by the brilliant Natalie Kestecher, an ABC radio producer and writer, as part of the Ladies Who Listen mentoring program. And in recent weeks I've been learning music production skills via the Operator course at the Arts Centre Melbourne, which teaches women and female-identifying people how to use the music production software Ableton to create sounds and songs.  I want to be able to combine all the skills I have developed over the past few years, team it up with my journalism and my desire to tell stories, and produce unique sounding snapshots of life in Australia. 

I'm currently putting together several applications for a couple of podcasting competitions and funding opportunities. It's giving me a well-deserve foot up the arse to corral thoughts and ideas I've been nursing for several years, and put them down neatly on paper and finally focus on making a series of radio documentaries.  As part of my application I have to submit a pitch and an audio sample, so I turned a recent short essay of mine, 'Go West', into a small piece of audio and wrote out my ideas. I've popped them up online because, even if I don't get accepted for the funding I've applied for, I can still produce some pieces myself and get them out into the world for people to listen to.

The above piece of audio is an example of the kind of work I want to be making. You can read the original essay here. 






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